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Florida Unemployment Rate Drops to 6.2 Percent

Florida is generating new jobs for its people, according to Florida’s labor market. The recent state shows that the unemployment rate has seen a decline from 6.3 percent in May, 2014 to 6.2 percent in June, 2014. Addition of 37400 new jobs has been influential in reducing the un
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Employment rate increases in Florida by 33% in April

The month of April, 2014 has seen a rise in employment rate in Florida. According to the report published by ADP, Florida employment rate has increased by 33% in April. It created about 22250 jobs during last month. Earlier, during the month of March, 2014, Florida created about 15000
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Unemployment rate in South Florida unexpectedly grows up in spite of new job opportunities

Despite a little growth in the labor force, South Florida saw an increase in the overall unemployment rate during the month of July. In accordance with the state data, its unemployment rate (not adjusted) after the month of July is 9.3 %.  A month back, South Florida had an unemployme
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