From the very we’ve always believed in fair and honest pricing. No complicated contract and NO surprise fees. We stand behind out word that we are the best property managers in town, and we invite you to take a look at our ultra-competitive fees and see for yourself.

If you shop around you will find that our pricing is structured differently than most other companies. We have an “owner mentality” approach to property management. Our system is set up so that our goals and revenue sources are in-line with the property owners. We make money when the property makes money.

We manage not only others’ properties, but also many of our own. We use what we’ve learned in managing our own properties to make sure that we manage your with absolute perfection. As property owners and managers, we have found that turnover and vacancy can be your some of your biggest and costliest expenses.

We have also found that most property management companies have fee structures that profit from turnover and vacancy. Simply put, we don’t. We profit from good long-term tenants who renew their leases and NOT from turnover. We don’t recommend hiring someone who profits from your losses.

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