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Employment rate increases in Florida by 33% in April

The month of April, 2014 has seen a rise in employment rate in Florida. According to the report published by ADP, Florida employment rate has increased by 33% in April.

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It created about 22250 jobs during last month. Earlier, during the month of March, 2014, Florida created about 15000 jobs. April followed the trend and has shown a much higher employment rate as compared to the previous month. All the credit behind this increase in employment rate goes to the private sector. Of the jobs created during the month of April, most of them are in service industries and the rest of them are in industries that produce goods for sell. Service industries created 17960 jobs whereas industries that produce goods have created 4290 jobs.

In March, 2014, the unemployment rate declined by 0.1% and stood at 6.3% whereas the national unemployment rate in the USA stands at 6.1% after April, 2014. This shows how Florida is faring among the other States of the USA. As we know, the lower the unemployment rate is in a State, the higher the opportunity is for the State for economic growth. So, the future looks absolutely bright for Florida. More and more people are getting employed and this may help the economy of the State as well as contribute to the overall economic condition of the USA. If the current trend in increase of employment continues in the next months, Florida may turn out to be one of the States with least unemployment rate. For this to happen, private sector industries should come forward to recruiting more and more employees. This is not unlikely to happen. But private sectors need grow in order afford more and more employees. After all, they need higher return if they are to pay salaries to their employees.