EDGE Asset Management

South Florida's Leading Mortgage Trading Services & Consultancy Firm

EDGE Asset Management operates as a mortgage trading consultancy firm that provides lenders, servicers, and funds with marketplace liquidity for institutional mortgage market participants. We also provide our clients with property management solutions in Miami-Dade and Broward and Palm Beach counties.

EDGE Asset Management

Florida's Leading Mortgage Trading & Residential Property Management Firm
EDGE Asset Management is dedicated to optimizing price and liquidity for participants in the institutional mortgage market. Our expertise lies in identifying the most advantageous market or buyer for each mortgage asset, allowing them to offer innovative and tailored trading solutions. By maximizing bids at the individual loan level, EDGE ensures sellers secure the best possible price for their mortgage portfolios, while also providing investors with access to a vast supply of mortgage assets across various sectors.

Through our role as loan trading consultants, EDGE Asset Management brings significant value to both sellers and buyers. Sellers benefit from our market knowledge and strategic approach, which enables us to secure better prices for their mortgage assets. On the other hand, investors gain access to a diverse range of mortgage opportunities, amounting to millions of dollars in value.

EDGE Asset Management provides seamless property management services through its Property Management Division and and uses its REO & Distressed Property services to help investors take control and stabilize their non-performing assets. Specializing in REO and Distressed Properties, we work with organizations and individual clients to develop and deploy a real estate strategy that is aligned with their investment objectives. We can help you secure, stabilize, manage, lease, market and dispose of the problem assets. We are often a part of an institution or receiver's workout team and assist them with providing a maximum return on investment.