August, 2014 | EDGE Asset Management
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Miami-Dade to develop 125 acres of land

Miami-Dade is going to use 125 acres county-owned land for the purpose of developing either an industrial park or a school campus. The location is close to the Homestead Air Reserve Base. Renowned export-import company FedEx has shown its interest in investing on the property. Miami-D
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How to get latest property management news?

It is one of the major responsibilities of a property manager to get the latest property management news. He needs to be aware of the latest industry trends. Since the value and demand of property change every now and then, a property manager will surely get benefited if he is aware o
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Tips on Motivating Tenants to Pay Rent Online

Online payment service has recently been quite popular. Today, a person can pay bills or purchase products online. Rent payment is no exception. In fact, paying rent online has added a new dimension in real estate business. It doesn’t only ease the pressure the property owners p
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Things property managers expect from the tenants

It’s natural that we, the humans, are different not only in sizes and looks but also in the way we think and the way we behave. That’s why life is so unpredictable. You may expect something from someone you know but it is not guaranteed that your expectation will be honore
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Things Most of the Tenants Look For

Profitability in investment on property depends mostly on the role of the property managers. Because they are the ones who recommend which property to invest in. Depending on whether the property manager makes the right decision or a wrong one, it will either attract right tenants or
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When to Go For A Property Management Company?

Property management companies are of huge importance nowadays. Today, property business is growing as investors are investing huge in order to earn huge. A good investor alone doesn’t always guarantee proper service to the renters as he may not have the time to spend on his prop
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