July, 2014 | EDGE Asset Management
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South Florida Housing Market: Sales and Prices both Rise

June 2014 has been a decent month for South Florida housing market. It saw an increase in sales of homes and not without sacrificing prices. Instead, the prices for homes increased by a good margin. In Broward Couny, the single family homes were sold for $280000 which is a 6% increase
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Florida Unemployment Rate Drops to 6.2 Percent

Florida is generating new jobs for its people, according to Florida’s labor market. The recent state shows that the unemployment rate has seen a decline from 6.3 percent in May, 2014 to 6.2 percent in June, 2014. Addition of 37400 new jobs has been influential in reducing the un
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Tips on property maintenance

Maintaining property is a key part in property management business. In fact, how the business fares mostly depends on how well a businessman has maintained his property. Well maintained property saves money and provides the owners with opportunities to take handsome amount of profits
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Benefits of Online Application Process in Rental Property Business

This is a world of science and technology. Today, almost everything is done in an automated way. Gone are the days when people had to fill up papers and submit them to concerned person/authority manually. Today, one can use online application system to fill up forms and send them auto
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Things You Could Do to Avoid Resident Complaints

Receiving positive feedback from clients isn’t that easy. In fact, it requires hard work, devotion and proper planning if one is to achieve positive feedback from clients. Rental property business is no exception. We know that the primary objective of the property owners is to r
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