April, 2014 | EDGE Asset Management
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Things to Consider Before Recruiting a Property Manager

A property manager is crucial in the long term success of property management business. Therefore, a client or an owner of a property needs a great property manager if he is looking for success in property management business. But picking a great property manager is not that easy. You
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Effective Ways of Increasing Property Management Fees

The fate of property management business mostly depends on the role the property managers. Therefore, it is important that a property manager is well paid. In most cases, the property managers get a specific percentages of what they collect as rents and it ranges from 4% to 12%. Prope
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Leadership: Traits of a True Leader

Leadership is crucial in any organization. Just as a boat without a rudder is at risk of being lost, an organization without a leader cannot achieve its goal. A leader directs a team, maintains regular communication with them, motivates them, inspires them and leads them in order to a
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Affordable Homes – No Buyer!

This is the current scenario in South Florida. As history tells us, properties of South Florida region are always affordable for buyers to purchase. But the reality is that majority of the buyers can hardly afford most of the properties on sale. The current monthly installment (mortga
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Steps How A Property Manager Can Develop Strong Relationship With Student Renters

Just as it is highly important to make the best use of properties in order to make profit, it is also crucial to develop sound relationship with the renters. As we know, renters are of different types and of different ages. How a property manager will deal with a renter depends on the
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How could ugly properties benefit you?

How could ugly properties benefit you? Suppose, you have visited a property recently. Its location is great for you. You have no problem with the surrounding of the property. You are quite comfortable with the budget it requires. And, you have also thought deeply about the kind of ret
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